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Tripta, I needed to express my gratitude, respect and appreciation for your time, attention, professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness as a top real estate agent. The process of selling a house is daunting and there are many emotions wrapped up in the history and memories associated with the house. This transactions is made more difficult when it is an aging parent who has lost their mate. Add to it our new reality of COVID-19, being Canadian and not being able to get to the house to close it up and attend the closure required your input in every stage bringing the house to market, closing it up and remotely arranging for the closure. The people you recommended at every stage of the process brought with them the same professionalism and efficiency that you yourself encompass.
I can not put into words properly the level of stress that was avoided with you taking charge of everything. Please accept this note as my heartfelt thank you for your efforts. I wish I was a Floridian to be able to recommend you to all my friends and family as you are a lady first and foremost. This is my fifth time either selling or buying a house for my parents or myself and I have never worked with anyone as professional as yourself. If every you need to use my name as a reference please feel free to. I hope our paths will cross again in Florida as you would be the only one I turn to for my family or myself.
Please keep safe and I am sending you all my love.

if you want to sell your house for the best price, the broker to choose is Tripta Chawla . She sold our house above our asking price in one week. We thought it had been sold three times In that week, yet she kept coming back with higher offers that she expertly negotiated for us. How? When the house first went up for sale, she emailed her long list of potential buyers. She also put it online: I saw it had over 500 views on Zillow by the second day. She showed the house nine times to people from her list. Then she got offers. Within a few days two bidders emerged. Tripta played them against each other without our even realizing it. The result was we said yes three times, only to be offered more. The last time she set a final deadline of just a few hours. She wanted to keep their interest and be fair to both buyers, while committing us to a quick answer. It was a great experience. Aside from the sale negotiation itself, she also helped with little things like recommending handymen, getting an estimate for mold abatement when the buyer’s Inspectors found mold. Negotiating that estimate into the contract, suggesting we contact our insurance company about the mold (they actually paid for it, minus the deductible), etc., etc. Why did I select Tripta in the first place? It wasn’t because she has sold over 1000 (yes, one thousand!) houses at the Polo Club. I only found that out after I had met her. It was because when my father bought the house, he told me she had been the listing broker. And I knew he paid more than he should have for the house, even though he never regretted it for a moment. I realized I’d better have her on my side. And I am so glad I did.

Dear Tripta,
Ellie and I want to thank you for the wonderful work you did in selling our home. You completed the sale of, for what I believe, is the second most expensive home in Polo while at the same time there were two other homes in Vintage Oaks on our block that are also for sale. When it seemed that the sale had fallen apart your initiative brought it back to life and you completed the transaction. Not only your professionalism, but your support for us during this difficult process is beyond commendable. Having been in the real estate business for many years myself in the New York metropolitan area, I have dealt with many brokers; some are good, some not so good, YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY. Thank you again.

A broker should be professional, attentive, responsive, loyal to the interests of the client, informed, and alert to the needs of the client. Tripta is all that and much more in facilitating the conclusion of the deal.


Tripta’s reputation is excellent, with a documented history of sales in Boca and surrounding areas.

I really enjoyed working with Tripta. She made the process easy as she was well prepared, extremely knowledgeable, and focused on meeting my needs.

Tripta was very knowledgeable and professional in dealing with our real estate issues, such as a community we would be interested in. She also kept the cost within our budget.  Tripta and her team were always available within our time constraints.  Even after our real estate contract was finalized, she still continued to be available to fulfill our needs.  We have recommended Tripta to another person who may be interested in purchasing a home in Polo Club.

Not only is Tripta an excellent broker, but she is a good friend as well. I mention this because she has the ability to help you buy or sell, and at the same time to express her deep concern for you as a person.  I have just completed a sale with her  as my broker. Her professionalism never ceases to amaze me. I am proud to sign my name.

I have had a great experience with Tripta. She has always been very responsive with great sense of urgency. She is trustworthy and really care about your expectations and interest.

I think Tripta is the smartest, most hard-working  and dedicated realtor I have ever met –  and I was in the business!  Her professionalism is second to none.

I would like to suggest an excellent “home ” remedy for the stresses and strains  of selling or buying a home…  Tripta Chawla has a very successful formula that always gets results. Her Brokerage skills using her ability to  match buyers and sellers, makes using  her experience and knowledge of deal making second to none ……she is number one. The most important thing is passion – when that is combined with style, brains, experience and personality you get a great Realtor called Tripta Chawla. She makes the deal happen!

I live in Boston and had to sell my mother’s house in the Polo Club long distance.  Not only was Tripta’s advice and expertise invaluable, but her help in getting things done that I couldn’t be there for made the whole sale possible.  The buyers wanted to close in less than three weeks of making their offer,  and she made it happen by handling all the details I couldn’t be there for.  From the beginning, her pricing and negotiating skills were spot on, the house was shown on a frequent basis and I feel very lucky to have had her working on my behalf in a very tricky market.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Tripta is a consummate professional. I found Tripta to be diligent, hardworking, fair minded and accessible. Tripta’s vast knowledge of the real estate process made the experience of selling a home a pleasant one.

We recently sold a house and purchased a new one with the professional guidance of Tripta’s expertise.  Tripta made the transition smoothly and stress free for us. She is a detailed hard worker, and extremely professional.  Your house is in  good hands with Tripta.

I recently sold a house and bought another house with Tripta as my agent.  Although we all know how busy Tripta is, she made me feel like I was her only client.  Tripta is extremely patient and zeroes in on your wants and needs in order to find the house that is just right for you.

Tripta is not only a brilliant wealth of information on real estate, but is extremely unique at the art of listening to her clients and delivering homes that you are interested in buying.  She is on top of the process from beginning to end, always reachable, supported by a dedicated staff, and an extremely caring and understanding person on top of it all.  A true friend. 

Tripta I want to tell you that you have been nothing but first class and a pleasure to do business with over this arrangement. I cannot thank you enough for all your help  and I wish we even had one person in Detroit that was as wonderful as you to work with in the real-estate industry. You’re amazing…     Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Tripta is a beautiful person inside and out. She is hard working and devoted to her clients. She is relentless in her efforts to find the right piece of property for each client. Once the property is found she will not stop until a deal is reached. While others are out playing, Tripta is working. She is an agent like no other. She is the best of the best!!

Working with Tripta was an absolute delight.  She is a professional in every sense of the word.  She listened to our needs and found a property exactly to our liking.  Additionally, she guided us through the entire process of purchase.  She would be our first recommendation to anyone looking to purchase a property in The Polo Club.  We have full faith in her ability.

Dear Tripta. I am a professional realtor in New York and working with you in locating and purchasing our home at the Polo Club was a pleasure.
Your guidance in negotiating the deal made our task much easier. in addition you were extremely helpful in advising us on our dealings with contractors with all the improvements to be made.   Not only did we feel that we had the best broker representing us,we now have a new friend.
Edith and I look forward to showing you all we’ve done when we return in November.
We used Tripta as our Real Estate Agent at the Polo Club.  Tripta sold us our 1st home and then she sold it as well.  Tripta also helped us buy another home at the Polo Club.  She was fabulous and very helpful.   Tripta is very cooperative and a pleasure to work with. She know’s exactly what’s happening at Polo… We commend her highly.

Tripa Chawla is a very special person and special real estate broker. Tripta found our Coquina condo and here is why.. Tripta is efficient, understanding, professional, and knows our market better than anyone.

Dear Tripta – You’re one in a million!!

Warmest Regards,

Kathryn Gross

Working with Tripta was an amazing experience, from start to finish. We bought our current home through Tripta and sold our old home through her, as well. Tripta is the epitome of professionalism. She knows her market better than anyone I have ever seen. She has a feel for the “art of the deal”, and understands “timing”. She does not just show houses. She immerses herself in the transaction as if she were doing it for herself. She pays great attention to detail and finds a way to get it done. She is generous with her time and was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. She wears her 30 years of experience selling real estate at Polo well. She is a great broker. (I know something about great brokers after spending half a lifetime in the real estate business managing brokers)

Tripta Chawla delivers.  She’s more efficient, responsive, patient and cooperative than just about any business person I’ve ever dealt with. Once we decided what we wanted our vacation home to be, she made sure that our wish list was filled. She answered all of our questions and solved any problems that came up between our first meeting, and the closing on our new Florida home, and became our good friend in the process!
Tripta is a pleasure to do business with in every respect.

John & Wendy Tulin




There is no way I could have sold my property at Polo without the efforts of Tripta Chawla. Her advice, persistence and general comprehensive knowledge of the market was essential to moving the property. In addition, she arranged for the closing and clean out to be done without me bring present due to health problems.

Norman Bachrach